The Recent Devastation In Texas

The Recent Devastation In Texas

Texas is an extremely large state in comparison with the others in the United States. However, when disaster strikes that hits national news it becomes clear that no matter how big a state can be, something like hurricane Harvey can impact it in a way that never will be forgotten. While it is unfortunate that so many have lost so much there is some beauty in what can be seen in the aftermath.

Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas was without a doubt one of the biggest, if not biggest, disasters ever seen in the state. Countless people were left stranded looking for a way to reach a higher elevation with the simple hope that they and those they cared about would survive. The national news media shared the images and stories of those that were rescued in the aftermath, awakening a nation to what the region had and was enduring.

This coverage led to thousands of people deciding to stop everything they were doing and go to help people that they had never met. A great deal of them were residents of Texas, which only goes to exemplify that everything is big in Texas, including hearts, but many were from states quite far away. Of course such a situation is an absolutely heart wrenching disaster, what followed was in the very least beautiful.

No longer was the country divided by politics, race or any other factor. Instead people came together to help anyone that was in need. This shows the true American spirit. As many say, “When things get tough, the tough get going”, and that is exactly what happened.

People came from all around the country with boats, supplies and love. Some were organized and others just decided it was their duty. In the end, they all felt that it was a situation in which their efforts could make a difference in maybe just one person’s life, if not many.

Texas is a state that many love to visit and even more love to call their home. Based on the reaction to the disaster that so many Americans had, it is also a place that deserved a great deal of love and attention. No matter how divided this country may seem, one thing is for certain, you can count on your fellow countrymen to be there in your time of need, no matter your race, creed or otherwise.

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